A TASK force could be set up to demand improved street lighting and CCTV in Weymouth following two reported rapes in the town within two days, with one councillor insisting: “Enough is enough.”

The two incidents occurred just a day apart from each other. The first happened in an alleyway off Westhill Road in Wyke Regis in the early hours of Thursday, September 10 and the other off Dennis Road in Westham on Friday, September 11. Police said last week there was no information to indicate the incidents were linked.

Cllr Alex Fuhrmann, who represents Westham East where the second attack took place, believes new initiatives should be launched to improve safety and ensure people are less ‘fearful’.

He said: “I’ve spoken to many residents since the incident and the community feel for the victim and their family and we stand with them. The main priority is to make the Marsh safer.

"Enough is enough. We really need to look at doing something about this.”

Cllr Fuhrmann plans to form a task force consisting of local authorities, councillors and residents focussing on the Marsh area. The group would be charged with looking into aspects which could make the Marsh a safer place, such as CCTV cameras and better lighting.

He added: “I have begun to make contact with different agencies and services to see what we can do to make the Marsh a safer place. I want to create a dialogue with the police, ask them how we can make the area safer, what deters criminals and helps people feel more comfortable and less fearful.

“If we could do little things that have a big effect, we’re winning. Let’s put some money into making people feel safe. I think that’s what the public want.”

Mayor of Weymouth Graham Winter insisted Weymouth was still a safe place.

He added: “Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims of these deplorable acts. I think Weymouth on the whole is a safe place. This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often. People need to remain vigilant and keep themselves safe. Make sure you don’t walk home alone at night, particularly in poorly lit areas.”

Both investigations are still ongoing. Enquiries are continuing and no arrests have been made.