It's William and Emily here this week writing about the heatwave we had in August.

I, William, think it’s nice if you can work outside in the hot sunshine like I do. I always remember to put on sun cream and drink plenty of water.

For me, Emily, I enjoy the hot weather if I am not working and can relax, especially if I can sit in the garden, in the shade under the sun umbrella, with my feet up! I’m always forgetting to put on suncream, but I do avoid the hot sun.

We are happy to live in Dorset, to easily get to the beach for a swim in the sea or to sit on the sand and sunbathe. However this year, as we heard the beaches were busy, we didn’t go. If we did, we’d be careful not to sit too close to others, or find a less crowded beach.

What we found hard to understand over the summer is why so many people didn’t take their rubbish away with them, and just left it on the beach. Who did they expect to pick up after them? Don’t they care about the environment?

Now, as we write, the weather is definitely cooling down. We’ve had Storm Francis with rain and torrential flooding in Dorchester. Now the evenings are getting shorter, we are also feeling the chill at night. It’s just so changeable, this weather, what with so much rain and sunshine, but at least not as bad as in California right now.

We do think that climate change has affected the weather, and we are going to be finding out more about what we can do to help the environment in the coming months. We’ll let you know how we get on.

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