I do wish those fighting tooth and nail against the proposed new waste energy plant on Portland had taken the time to carry out just a little research.

Around 10 years ago we were visiting our daughter in Gothenburg to support our grandson who was playing in the annual Gothia International Youth Football Tournament (highly recommend that anyone with a child or grandchild, boys or girls, who plays football does their utmost to persuade their local club to sign up to this – absolutely superb) when we looked across the multi-pitch venue and I saw a few puffs of white smoke. Almost as idle chit-chat I asked the Swedish family next to me what it was and they burst out laughing – at our expense but not horribly so. It appears that the UK pays the Swedes to take our unwanted rubbish, the Swedes go on to process it and they end up producing enough “free” energy to supply all the hot water and heating needs for the general district. And guess what – the plant was on the edge of a residential district so that puts to rest yet another of the never-ending doom and gloom pronouncements from the unbelievably ill-informed and ignorant (as in “not knowing” - the real meaning of the word).

I realise that a lot of people whill have no reason to visit Sweden, but I bet a lot of those same people will have access to an internet……

While this little snippet of information will probably not go down too well in certain quarters I certainly hope it will add something to what I see as a one-sided debate.

Mrs Maureen Fry