THE four occupants of a car seized by police were forced to get a train home after trying to squeeze into a friend's vehicle.

They were spotted by Dorset Police's No Excuse Team during a patrol yesterday.

A spokesman said: "We stopped a BMW X5  as the driver only holds a provisional licence, with no supervisor or L plates. The driver already holds nine points.

"He was travelling with his three friends to the beach.

"He called a friend for a lift who arrived in his Insignia with four people already in the car so we were not sure how he was going to give these a lift.

"They moved out of our sight whilst the vehicle was recovered

"We felt it a little strange when all persons then disappeared so we stopped them again as they drove off.

"No surprise when we found six people squeezed in the back, attempting to drive back to Hampshire.

"Why they thought that was a good idea we will never know. Have we prevented an accident?

"The driver was reported to court due to totting up and traffic offence reports issued.

"Occupants were left walking to the train station."