Three "very young" puppies were found left in a hot car within a popular Weymouth tourist spot.

Police officers were called by a concerned member of the public to the car park at Lodmoor Country Park on Wednesday, September 16. 

Officers found that the doors of the vehicle had been unlocked and a "concerned and kind" person had removed the three puppies to be checked by a local vet. 

Weymouth and Portland Police said that the RSPCA were called and are now involved. 

A spokesman added: "Officers remained and took the car owner's details.

"These have been passed to the RSPCA for them to deal. I would like to thank those members of the public that assisted."

The incident occurred on a warm day in Weymouth as the town experienced a mini heatwave. According to the Met Office, temperatures on the day peaked at 24 degrees. 

The incident has sparked a furious reaction on social media, with members of the public branding it ‘disgusting’.

Tia Roos, councillor for Weymouth Town Council, condemned the incident and said that the young puppies should not have been left in a hot car. 

She said: “I cannot believe that this has happened.

“It is extremely shocking and irresponsible treatment of those poor animals. 

“No animals should be treated like that. If you were a person in a hot car, you would not want to be stuck inside. 

“Well done to those people who rescued the puppies and called the police.”

While it is not illegal to leave a dog alone in a car, dog owners can still be penalised if something happens to the pet.

The RSPCA has been contacted for a further comment but a spokeswoman stated it is ‘very dangerous’ to leave a dog within a car, even if the vehicle is in the shade or has its windows open. 

When the temperature outside is 22 degrees, it can more than double within an hour inside a car.

The animal charity advises anyone who sees a dog in a hot car to call police on 999. RSPCA will be informed if animal welfare assistance is needed. 

It is technically legal to smash a car’s windows if a dog is in distress, but you can be penalised for criminal damage.