THREE people were rescued from the water after their boat capsized.

Coastguards and lifeboat crews were mobilised yesterday afternoon.

A spokesman for Kimmeridge Coastguard Rescue team said: "We were paged to assist with reports of a capsized sailing dinghy just outside Kimmeridge Bay.

"On arrival the three casualties had been removed from the water by an army range safety craft that was in the area patrolling.

"Both Swanage Lifeboat Station lifeboat and inshore lifeboat were tasked to assist.

"With casualties cold and given a warm up safely inside the all weather lifeboat after being transferred from the range boat, the ILB then bought both the dinghy and its occupants ashore to the slipway at Kimmeridge.

"Back on dry land and in the hands of the team we continued checking the wellbeing of the casualties.

"Having assisted in the removal of the dinghy from the water with special thanks to Nick the local fisherman and a surfer that helped us, the team returned to station.

"A huge thanks also to another surfer that alerted the army range wardens present at Kimmeridge and the range safety boat that all assisted, therefore preventing a far more serious situation."