I sympathise with Richard Drax's outage at the EU's objection to Boris breaking the Exit Agreement and International Law.

I mean - who could have foreseen that Brexit could affect the Good Friday agreement or possibly create internal borders within the UK? Nobody could have seen that coming could they?

How dare the EU deviously include clauses that protect the integrity of the EU.

Anyway, you can't expect our political leaders to actually read or understand the agreements that they sign - they're far too busy looking after their own multi-million business interests for that.

What do all those previous Prime Ministers who oppose the bill know? - this is a new age - the age of Trump.

We don't have to tell the truth, act with integrity, or take any responsibility for what we commit ourselves to any more - that's so old-fashioned.

Let's make if up as we go along, blame everyone else when it all goes wrong, and keep all our fingers and toes crossed that we don't sink without trace as we float off into the Atlantic.

Mark Gugan