INCREDIBLE pictures of dolphins have been taken by jet ski tour guides as they ride around Weymouth Bay.

Dolphins have become a must-see tourist attraction in Weymouth and there are three that are regularly spotted, including one known affectionately as Danny, a local celebrity who is a frequent visitor to the Dorset coast and is very popular with residents and tourists. He is known for leaping out of the water just feet away from people on watercraft.

Owner of Jurassic Jet Ski, Dan Bell, took the amazing photographs.

He said: "These are definitely the best pictures I have ever taken of the dolphins. We have been so lucky over the last few weeks as the dolphins have been out most days and our customers love it.

"Most of our customers know that seeing dolphins is a possibility but for those that don't, their faces light up when they see them.

"People are thrilled when they see them and one of them, nicknamed Danny, gets so excited when he sees us and jumps of out the water. He gets so close you could almost high-five his flipper!"