THE director of Public Health Dorset said BCP and Dorset Council may call people who are self-isolating and urged people to stick to the guidance.

Speaking as part of Public Health Dorset’s weekly coronavirus update, Sam Crowe said: “At the moment our case numbers are still relatively low, we’re seeing about five to ten cases per day in each council area which is below the average for the south west.

“But obviously things have changed this week, we’re facing a much more serious situation elsewhere in England and that led to the prime minister’s announcement around the new measures on Tuesday.

“I think we are facing a really critical few weeks and I know it feels really hard but as we watch other areas of the country go into lockdown, many of us are probably feeling that we’ve had enough of this and we can’t go on but it’s really important that over the next few weeks we still do everything possible to try to limit the spread of Covid.”

Mr Crowe said it is really important that, if you’ve been asked to self-isolate, you stay in and comply with the public health message.

He continued: “Now, I know it’s really hard self-isolating, so over the next couple of weeks councils may be calling you just to offer some additional support, to check in with you.

“That’s the way that we can continue to limit the risk of Covid.

“Keep going with what we’ve been doing, that’s the way we’ll hopefully keep our case numbers really low in Dorset.”