In response to Ian Kelman (Just who will benefit - Sept 25) may I first say that I’m a great supporter of celebrating Weymouth’s heritage. For example I’ve long cherished the idea of a harbourside statue depicting a flea on a giant rat, commemorating the introduction of the plague in 1666!

But to more mundane matters.

There are many who will benefit from the removal of our historic rail tracks, as many an injured cyclist will tell Mr. Kelman.

I personally have to cross the tracks every time I exit my garage, by car or motorcycle; notwithstanding this experience, I still managed to fall off earlier this year, damaging my bike tank, helmet and pride at a cost of around £500.

If Mr Kelman asks, he will be told by the Project Manager, Andrew Brown, that the rails in the ‘Cozens Loop’ will now be preserved for historical interest and that in stage 2 along Custom House Quay (which will be in early 2021) it is hoped to keep a few more sections as some history must be preserved.


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