Mr Gugan (Letters, Friday September 25) uses the word 'integrity' several times regarding differences between the EU and the UK.

Any study of the workings of the EU would quickly show a complete indifference to that word, as exemplified right now with France happy to facilitate the passage of hundreds of illegal migrants to the UK contrary to the rulings of the Schengen agreement.

The EU has always had a fluid understanding of its own rules and regulations.

With regard to the opinions of these past PMs, I suppose Mr Gugan refers to the cabal of Prime Ministers who are all anti-Brexit, including the one whose prevarication got us into the disastrous war in Iraq.

The same man who as a lawyer, created the Supreme Court which has itself taken on a political role. A role, perhaps intended by Blair but one most definitely detrimental to the nation and an imposition which needs to be reversed asap. The only past PM who had a proper regard for the rules and regulations of the EU, is Gordon Brown.

When Chancellor, Mr Brown refused to let us join the Euro because the UK failed to meet the fiscal/ financial demands and rules of the EU regarding entry to it.

This of course, is completely different from the EU itself, which has, over the years, in its mad desire for expansion, admitted many countries into the organisation despite the fact they could not meet the EU’s own fiscal demands.

This has been particularly devastating to the EU when considering the admission of the Eastern European countries.

Looking for the mote in one’s own eye might just be the apt expression here.


Corfe Road, Weymouth