In response to the letter from David Smith, Saturday, September 26.

Oh dear did you vote for something and lose, do you not understand the democratic process?

The country had a vote, to determine if the people wanted to remain part of the EU.

Had we voted to remain it would have meant the loss of even more of the people’s rights to govern our country ourselves.

The EU would have taken even more from us. As for our Queen, she has no political power thanks to the Maastricht treaty which was forced upon us and the Lisbon treaty that was forced upon us.

Well 17 million British people voted to leave this boys’ club and go it alone. This is the majority of the people, remember the democratic process.

Please don’t think your scaremonger tactics will change anyone’s minds. What makes you think we will have food and medicine shortages?

This country will thrive on its own, and of course we do have the commonwealth countries to do trade deals with.

In case you are still unsure of our place in the world today consider for yourself, do we need the EU or do the EU need us?

I, like 17 million British people, think this government is doing a fantastic job of getting us out.

It’s not our government not wanting a deal it’s the EU not wanting a deal, because they think they can force us to stay in their boys’ club and keep taking our money to support their champagne lifestyle, which they think they are entitled to.

Get us out and we the British people can put the great back in Great Britain.