A MOTORIST stopped for driving erratically said he had drunk two pints because he ordered them by mistake on a new app.

He was stopped by Dorset Police's No Excuse Team yesteday.

A spokesman for the team said: "The vehicle was travelling erratically, in excess of speed limits and taking corners too fast with no indication used.

"When stopped the 29-year-old driver from Ferndown was very apologetic.

"While talking to the driver we could smell alcohol, he admitted to being in the pub this evening watching Liverpool vs Arsenal and having two pints.

"He claimed he didn’t mean to have two pints but because he was ordering on an app for the first time he accidentally ordered two pints.

"The driver failed the breath test and was taken into custody.

"He was very nervous as he claimed he was a lightweight (his words!).

"At custody a short time later the driver blew a first reading of 37 and a second reading of 34 (legal limit 35 and we take the lowest reading of the two).

"The relieved driver said he was never going to have a drink and drive again and it was a massive wake up call - perhaps lesson learnt?"