NUMEROUS homes were flooded in a torrential downpour yesterday.

One appliance from Bridport was mobilised to flooding at Diments Square.

A spokesman for Bridport Fire Station said: "Multiple properties were affected after the downpour which overloaded drains.

"Crews used a light portable pump to remove water, cleared drains and then requested the wet vax to clear as much flood water and silt as possible from the affected properties.

"This was brought by Bridport's second pump after being used at another incident."

Meanwhile, Bridport's second appliance was mobilised to flooding on South Street at 6pm. Multiple properties were affected after the downpour overloaded drains.

The spokesman added: "Crews used small tools to unblock the drains and allow flood water to drain away.

"The wet vax was then requested from Bridport station and used to remove flood water and silt from the properties.

"At 7.08pm fter just returning from the South Street incident Bridport's second appliance was then mobilised to flooding that was affecting the electrics in a property at Wellfields Drive.

"On arrival crews were met by the informant and assistance was no longer required.

"Crews then returned to station before being mobilised to the incident at Diments Square. All crews returned to station at approximately 10pm to clean down kit and head home."