I URGE Weymouth town councillors to refuse the proposal that they take over the management of the beach kiosk on Brunswick Terrace known as Auntie Vi's.

We find ourselves faced with the possibility of a popular business owner deprived from tendering for his business not because his customers have deserted him or because his finances are not sound but because some members of the town council think they can do a better job.

I thank WTC members Cllr Richard Nickinson and Cllr Christine James for their strong words of opposition and hope other members will follow this lead.

We need a fair tendering process not a takeover.

We only have to look across the bay at the Pavilion to be reminded of the last time a local authority in Weymouth attempted to run a commercial business. Is this part of the new era promised by Weymouth Town Council?

Cllr Louie O'Leary

Brisbane Road