REGARDING the article in Tuesday’s edition of the Dorset Echo in which the council have stated they are going to take over one of the most popular cafés, Aunty Vi’s near Brunswick Terrace.

I am very shocked that a very well supported café should not be supported by the council.

Instead they want to take it over; is this another business which will be closed due to the fact the council is unable to run it in the way it has been for 14 years?

The council record is not that good as they (borough council) ran the Pavilion, which was very near to total closure, before it was taken over by Phil Say who has turned it around and is trying very hard today to keep it going.

The council have wasted more money on the new seafront toilets; they are still not working correctly and also if you’re a disabled visitor in a wheelchair, the only toilet on the beach side is for special needs disabled.

There are no signs informing the wheelchair user that there are accessible toilets on the road side of the building.

The council needs to do more to stop our town becoming a ghost town or a town full of charity and coffee shops

Ian White

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