RECENT letters to the Dorset Echo and Richard Drax’s recent activities in Parliament have shown that Covid-weariness is setting in. There is a growing reluctance to accept the potential severity of a Covid-19 ‘second wave’ with rumblings of civil disobedience in the air.

I invite those who believe that a second wave, probably deadlier than the first, is a myth to check out my Covid-19 blog - My aim is to gather trusted data from official, academic and media sources and collate it in an accessible fashion.

The UK’s second wave is definitely underway and rising exponentially with Covid-19 hospital admissions, occupancy of beds with ventilators, Covid-19 death rates and infections all about ten times larger than in mid-August 2020. Experts are predicting the possibility that our second wave could, over the coming winter, kill double the number that have died so far.

Iran suffered a second wave which killed twice as many as in the first wave. Iran is now experiencing a third wave with daily death rates higher than at any previous time. If the UK Government and the public become complacent, the tragedy in Iran and many other countries in South America, India and Africa will be our fate also.

Geoff Kirby