I WAS extremely surprised and angry to read the Echo's recent report of the council's proposal to take over Auntie Vi's café in Weymouth and not extend Peter Townsend's lease.

Prior to my husband's death 10 years ago when we lived in Preston we often walked along the promenades and stopped at the café for a coffee. After he died I found the courage one day to walk along the promenades on my own and stopped at the café. Peter served me my coffee, took one look at me then picked up a little Kit Kat and gave it to me saying "There you are love, that will make you feel better".

As a widow I have many times thought of that simple action and it has comforted me and brought a smile to my face. There was also the time when Peter insisted that I tried a jacket potato heaped in cheese. It was delicious and I still live in hope that one day he will have them on the menu.

How could the council possibly consider refusing to extend Peter's lease when he shows such care and compassion for his customers? The café is a family run business and a unique asset to Weymouth.

It would be a very sad day not only for Peter and his family but for all his customers if the council decides not to extend the lease. I personally will certainly be devastated.

Please council think again and embrace the wishes of the community.

Sylvia Freear