DORSET Police is raising awareness of some of the crime-fighting teams the force works with to tackle serious organised crime and keep communities safe - while asking for public views about their priorities for the policing in the county.

The force has set up a 'Your Dorset. Your Police. Your View' survey, asking people who live in, work in or visit Dorset how much they know about some of the national and regional crime-fighting organisations Dorset Police works with.

It's an opportunity for members of the public to have their views heard, while learning more about the challenges facing modern policing.

Chief Constable James Vaughan said: “Our officers work alongside specialist teams who use the latest technology and crime-fighting techniques to keep communities safe. These are organisations that perform a vital role, but are often not as well known by the public.

“It’s important people know that, aside from the more visible policing delivered in the county, our officers are supported by a wide range of experts from these teams. The first phase of our survey is a chance for you to find out more about their work, and for us to find out more about your views.”

The survey will look into the work of bodies such as the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit (SW ROCU), the Forensic Capability Network (FCN), the National Crime Agency (NCA) and Action Fraud. 

Dorset Echo: Chief Constable James Vaughan wants to hear Dorset residents' views on what crime police officers should focus onChief Constable James Vaughan wants to hear Dorset residents' views on what crime police officers should focus on

Mr Vaughan added: "We are working with these support agencies in Dorset to combat serious organised crime, gangsters if you like, that are trading in commodities of drugs, people, guns. They pedal violence and misery. We work with very sophisticated, very technologically-advanced teams to combat them.

"One particular area of focus for us is around county lines. These are very serious criminals that exploit children and young people. They they send them to Dorset to pedal drugs and violence to our local people.

"At any one time we have dozens of these lines coming in to our county. Yes we can take out small time dealers at street level, but they just keep reappearing. We try and put a strategic stranglehold on it as well.

"We have had huge success nationally, lots of focus, lots of results. We have arrested dozens and dozens of drug dealers, helped dozens and dozens of vulnerable young people and rescued people from cuckooed addresses.

“Listening to the views of residents is important to Dorset Police. We want people to go online and look at the survey because it is a really crucial part of our democracy and our constitution that the public get involved and set their own priorities."

The first phase of the survey will run until Wednesday 4 November 2020, after which a second phase will launch, examining another aspect of policing. 
You can find the survey at