A HEDGEHOG rescue centre is appealing for help.

Prickly Prickles Hedgehog Rescue was founded last year and is a not-for-profit organisation based in Dorchester to support sick and injured hedgehogs.

Founder Chris Legg said: “I have such a passion for these beautiful gentle animals and they are in a great need of our help.

“I started by taking in hedgehogs over the winter but saw the need to help rehabilitate them when they were too sick or injured and from there the rescue grew.

“The goal is always to get them well and back into the natural habitat where they belong”

Rescuing hedgehogs requires commitment, time and dedication.

Chris told us that caring for such sick and injured hedgehogs can be very upsetting and there are many dangers in plain sight in our gardens that can be harmful or fatal to hedgehogs.

Chris gave us just a few helpful tips to remind us what we can do to keep hedgehogs safe.

“Take care when taking compost from the heap as this is the sort of environment where they might be found, keep plant netting a foot above the ground to avoid them getting caught up and look before you use your garden strimmer as well as keeping poisons safely stored away”.

There are other risks for hedgehogs including dog attacks, car injuries as well as falling down uncovered drains. You can help hedgehogs in your own garden by ensuring there is a constant supply of fresh water and by leaving ‘meat in jelly’ food which can be dried or wet.

The rescue centre has a  capacity of 23 hedgehogs and looking after their daily needs is a full time job.

Cleaning, feeding and nursing injured hedgehogs back to full health is constant as well as the need to raise donations to help support the work done by Prickly Prickles Hedgehog Rescue.  As a self-funded venture,  trying to cover every day running costs including medication is very expensive and it is the kindness of people  who support us with donations that helps keep us going for these wonderful animals.

Unfortunately the COVID situation has meant that they have been unable to raise much needed funds themselves and therefore donations to cover running costs and all the essential items are now more important than ever.

They accept donations via PayPal or post. For details on donating call  07747 344042 or visit Facebook at  Prickly Prickles Hedgehog Rescue where you can also see advice and information on how to keep hedgehogs in your garden safe and well.