I was very surprised at Councillor Gill Taylor’s letter where she compared Weymouth Town Council to being a business.

It's rather funny being an outsider both politically and in terms of membership I see no business management in the current administration of Weymouth Town Council (of which Cllr Taylor is a leading member) at all.

Let’s assume it is a business and the ratepayer is the investor (investors by force not by choice) what return do they get?

A precept payer in Preston, which both myself and Cllr Ferrari represent, will be paying a great deal of the precept and what return do they get on that investment in the local area?

A weekly check on the local play park? This can be said all over Weymouth while they see a council constantly looking to hire more staff, playing to an anti-war agenda, run by 29 councillors, holding countless working groups and running wasteful vanity projects.

Customers who use Mr Townsend’s beach hut do so because they choose to.

The ratepayers have no choice but they want to see a more streamlined council not a forever growing one gambling with their money. Cut your costs and cut or freeze the precept.