Could you have missed out on your chance to bag some cash with the People's Postcode Lottery?

Six postcodes in the county have won big in the last five years, leaving 13 lucky winners with a share of £430,000. 

All of the winning residents have managed to bag at least £25,000 each thanks to the subscription lottery draw. 

In the Saturday and Sunday 'Street Prizes' where lucky postcodes are announced, every ticket in that postcode wins £30,000.

With the option to buy multiple tickets you could win up to £90,000. 

The People's Postcode Lottery is a subscription lottery that raises money for charity whilst also giving out cash prizes to subscribers.

Players who sign up must pay £10 per month and are then automatically entered into every draw and prizes are announced every day of the year.

Each year in the month of July the People's Postcode Lottery run a #30kADay prize draw which means £30,000 postcode winners are announced daily. 

Last year saw a happy couple who volunteer at Swanage Railway win a £60,000 prize. 

Heather, who plays People's Postcode Lottery with two tickets, scooped the cash when her postcode DT1 2BX was drawn as the winner of the £30,000 Street Prize.

Heather, a leading porter at Harmans Cross station, and her husband Peter, who's the station master, said it was lovely to receive a cheque with a few noughts on it.

The couple, who also are involved in hospital radio broadcasting in Dorset, said at the time that they would spend the money wisely.

Heather said: "We know that by playing we've done a lot of good for Charities, and we've been rewarded with prize money which is going to be very useful for us."

Peter added: "We'd like to get some landscaping done around the garden. It's getting a bit much to do as our age increases and the joints start creaking a bit."

All of the winning postcodes are:

DT11 0QP - £25,000 one winning ticket in 2016

BH20 7HH - £30,000 five winning tickets in 2017

BH18 9NN - £30,000 two winning tickets in 2017

DT2 7RA - £30,000 one winning ticket in 2018

DT1 2BX - £30,000 three winning tickets in 2019

BH22 9UR - £30,000 one winning ticket in 2020

The People's Postcode Lottery is also famous for their £3million postcode draw which gets shared across the number of tickets in the postcode that entered. 

Unfortunately, Dorset hasn't had any winners from the millions jackpot just yet. 

Not only is the People's Postcode Lottery a good chance to try and get your hands on some all important cash, it's also a great way to give back to important causes with 32% of each ticket going to charity. 

Do you know anyone that's won big with the People's Postcode Lottery? Let us know in the comments.