THE CAR a nurse was found “hanging out of" and police bodycam footage from the scene was shown to the jury in the murder trial of Dorset Police officer Timothy Brehmer.

Day three of the trial of Brehmer, accused of murdering Claire Parry after an argument in the Horns Inn car park in West Parley on May 9, took place at Salisbury Crown Court today, October 14.

Brehmer, 41, and of Hordle in the New Forest, admits the manslaughter of Mrs Parry, 41, and of Bournemouth, but denies murder.

Jurors in the trial were taken into the car park of the court to examine the Citreon Mrs Parry was found unconscious “part-in, part-out” of.

Paramedics on the scene described how they found Mrs Parry with discolouration to her neck and blood in her mouth.

Matthew Rowe, a crime scene investigator, was called to give evidence, and confirmed he was told the Citreon had been moved from its original position at the scene to make room for CPR to take place.

Mr Rowe said he first found a white “sockette” which was bloodstained at the front of the vehicle.

He then told the court there was “moderate blood distribution” around the driver’s seat of the car which was “more concentrated” where one would sit, rather than the back of the chair.

The court heard how the floor mat under the driver’s seat was “heavily stained” and a “pool of blood had formed”.

There was also blood in the centre console, in front of the gear stick, on the steering wheel and on the sill of the passenger door, the jury was told.

Mr Rowe found sunglasses with bloodstains, as well as a knife and a white coloured ladies’ shoe. The tread of the shoe matched that of the marks on the dashboard.

An iPhone in a purple case was found, Mr Rowe told the court, which was “quite heavily blood stained”. The phone belonged to Mrs Parry.

Mr Rowe found Brehmer’s iPhone in the car and noted that it had been factory reset.

After the argument which led to Mrs Parry’s death, Brehmer walked to the entrance of the car park and sat on the ground, where a member of the public phoned for an ambulance.

Emergency services, including police, arrived on the scene shortly before 2pm, and bodycam footage was played in court.

In the video, a visibly distressed Brehmer tells emergency care worker Simon Mumford he was stabbed and the knife was in the car.

He said: “I’ve been having an affair with her (Mrs Parry) for years. She asked me to meet her here, she’s going to tell my wife, I’m going to lose my boy.

“She was going through my phone and I think she told my wife.”

The video then resumed with Brehmer in the ambulance where he said: “She wouldn’t get out the car, I wanted her to go and I was going to kill myself because I’ve lost my boy.

“I don’t really remember (what happened with the knife), it all happened so quickly.”

PC Mills entered the ambulance at this point, and Brehmer told him his son “won’t want him” anymore. Brehmer is then arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Mr Mumford told the court Brehmer said to him, “God (Mrs Parry) has kids” and “what’s my mother going to think?”

Footage was then played of Brehmer at Salisbury Hospital the following morning, where he had been taken for treatment from Winchester custody.

He explains to a nurse what happened the day before and travels back to Winchester custody with police officer Connor Lombardo.

Mr Lombardo, as he says in his witness statement, then informed him Mrs Parry had died and further arrested him on suspicion of murder at 1.55pm.

Brehmer denies murder, the trial continues.