A COMMON concern motorists have about driving is poor road conditions.

Dorset Council is routinely carrying out roadworks across the county to ensure key routes are in a good condition and keeps motorists moving during these challenging times. 

We recently published a story based on the most 'inconsiderate' and 'ridiculous' parking seen in Dorset, which showcased the frustration that some residents have with bad parking in their areas. 

Now the Dorset Echo is inviting you to tell us what you think are the worst roads in Dorset.

These can be down to potholes, poor conditions of roads, issues over parking or heavy traffic, concerns over crashes or flooding, or routes being used as rat-runs. 

To do this, scroll to the bottom of this story to our request box and contribute your thoughts or photos to explain why you believe the road is bad and what needs to be resolved. 

Some of these contributions from readers will be displayed in an article online or be further investigated by a Dorset Echo reporter.