A man whose cars have led the procession at Weymouth Carnival and whose vehicle has made the day special for many a bride, tells us about his beloved fleet of cars.

Chickerell resident Graham Wiltshire, also known as Carle Grahame, has a large collection of cars!

He’s the proud owner of a 1935 Beardmore (ex London) Taxicab, a 1958 Morris 1000 Convertible (LHD), a 1957 Bond Minicar three wheeler, a1975 Hillman Imp, a 1974 Hillman Imp 1937 and an Austin 10.

He tells us: “The Beardmore I have owned twice, it is very unique being the only one of this model, to still be complete and running in the world!”

Why did you decide to buy this particular vehicle?

I love rare and quirky cars, I buy what I fancy and thoroughly enjoy bringing them back to life.

Dorset Echo:

Leading Weymouth Carnival Procession 2017

What do you mainly use it for, and do you take it to shows or events?

My restored and running vehicles are used mainly for pleasure, and raising money for local charities and attending shows and sometimes used for weddings and special occasions.

Dorset Echo:

Ready to dazzle on a wedding day

What does your family think about your passion for vehicles?

My passion for cars goes back to my childhood, my sister and her husband own a 1935 Austin which they bought from me 40 years ago, so the family know I am a petrol head.

Dorset Echo:

The elegant detail of Graham’s wedding car

What was your first vehicle and why did you buy it?

My first mode of transport was a1953 125cc Vespa Scooter, purchased to get to work, and I then bought a Bond Minicar which I could drive on my motor cycle licence. I then passed my car driving test two weeks after my 17th birthday

What is your dream vehicle and why?

I don’t really have a dream vehicle, I have been fortunate to own many vehicles, I particularly enjoyed my 970cc, 1071cc and 1275 cc MiniCooper ‘s’ models owned at various times, and my much loved 1926 Austin Clifton Tourer which I owned for 33 years.

Would you ever go electric and why?

No, I really cannot see many people wanting to rely on the availability of charging points, or risking the battery going flat, I am all for reducing pollution, but no electric car for me, and certainly not one that “Drives itself ”

Dorset Echo:

The Bond Minicar at Sherborne Quadrangle Show 2019 where it won its class

What do you think a car says about its driver?

I’ve never really thought about it, most people buy and drive a car that they can afford and enjoy. I think the “status symbol” thing applies to footballers, TV stars and the like.

What’s your favourite road to drive on and why?

Early summer morning driving the coast road from Abbotsbury to West Bay, it is spectacular