I was amazed by the ignorance shown by DC Councillor O’ Leary in his recent letter to the paper about the workings of the Town council and his lack of awareness of his own council’s involvement in some of the actions he condemned as vanity projects.

WTC is leading the opening up of Tumbledown as a community space for all residents.

There is a forest school for young people less familiar with the countryside; there are plans for using it with DC Social Services to help vulnerable adults grow, prepare and market food, using the same facilities for other members of the community to enjoy and participate in.

We are hoping to place our plant nursery on site so that we are not paying rent for these facilities elsewhere and so save council tax payers money.

Are these vanity projects?

The debate on the night was about finding new ways of generating income so that we can keep the council tax as low as possible for all residents.

The present government has cut the funding coming to local government consistently and it admits that there will be a £6billion shortfall next year and yet Cllr O’Leary does not seem to see the need for WTC to act commercially.

Does Councillor O’Leary want us not to plug the gap which would potentially mean reducing valued services like emptying bins on the Esplanade so often, or cutting the grass in our parks?

We do have working groups developing policies, we are a new council and there is much to do, however it is very noticeable and very sad that not one member of Councillor O’Leary’s party sits on any of these working groups suggesting they are not interested in helping us plan ahead as a new council.

I would like to reassure residents that they now have a mainly apolitical progressive council, with many new councillors, striving collectively to look after the best interests of our residents and get best value for residents' taxes and I would ask all councillors to work together for our residents.


Leader Weymouth Town Council