A FERRARI driver told police a number plate didn't look good on his £230,000 car so he didn't fit one.

He was stopped by Dorset Police's No Excuse Team in their continuing crackdown on rogue drivers.

A spokesman for the team said: "Whatever you drive it needs to be legal.

"This Ferrari Speciale valued at approximately £230,000 drove by with no number plate on the front.

"When we can we will always proactively stop and deal with any offences we witness. We will always check vehicles like this to confirm:

1. Is it stolen?

2. Is it insured?

3. The driving licence status of the driver?

4. To educate the driver.

5. To enforce the RTA.

"The driver was on his way to his holiday home in Sandbanks. He knew it was illegal, stating: 'There is no where to fit it and it doesn't look good so I didn't bother.'

"He lives out of county and also stated: 'I heard Dorset had a no excuse policy, I didn't think anything of it until now.'

"A fixed penalty was issued, words of advice given and he promised to get one fitted."