A DRIVER accidentally locked his keys in his car after being stopped by police.

He was stopped by the county's No Excuse Team on the A30 near Sherborne.

A spokesman for the team said: "The driver of a 21-year-old 4x4 was stopped after passing a patrol during the hours of darkness, the officer turned to see that there were no lights illuminated to the rear of the vehicle, which was also coloured very dark grey. The vehicle could not be seen.

"Upon stopping the vehicle the front positional lamps were also both found to be defective.

"The driver was escorted to a suitable location where they could leave it overnight and an immediate prohibition notice was issued.

"The evening got worse for the driver, who’d had to arrange a lift to get home, when they locked their car key in the ignition barrel and with the interior and front main beam lamps illuminated."