Some years ago my wife and I were returning from a holiday in the west of Scotland, we travelled from Fort William to Euston by train and a taxi to Waterloo.

We were expecting a two hour wait for the train to Weymouth but noticed one platform marked Weymouth.

We showed our tickets and were told to hurry as it was about to leave, we dashed aboard and knowing the train split at, I believe, Southampton, we made our way to the front of the train.

Some time later the ticket collector came and on seeing our tickets said ‘we do not stop at Weymouth’ to which I replied ‘we must or we will end up in King Street’.

He then told us we were on the “Boat Train” and we had to pay another five shillings (twenty five pence) each.

It was well worth the money, as on the way along the quay I opened the window and greeted a friend working on his boat on the quay wall, his reply was ‘what are you doing on there?’

We then had to re-arrange our lift home from the station to the Pavilion car park by phone, no mobiles in those days.

I wonder how many Weymouth residents have travelled down the quay on the ‘Boat Train’?


Faircross Avenue, Weymouth