WHEN a loved one goes missing, the confusion and yearning to know what happened and where they are can be overwhelming.

Some missing person cases are solved quickly but some families can go weeks, months or even years wondering what happened to their loved one. 

Missing People is a charity that searches for missing people on behalf of the friends and family left behind and provides specialised support to ease their heartache and confusion.

Their website lists more than 40 people in the South West who remain missing, some of them several years after their disappearances were first reported.

We are supporting the charity by sharing appeals for information on all seven people from Dorset who are still missing.

If you have any information that could lead to them being found, you can contact Missing People anonymously and for free on 116000 and quote the reference number.

Tania Santwand Singh

Dorset Echo: Tania Santwand Singh Tania Santwand Singh

Age at disappearance: 25

Missing Since: October 16, 2019

Missing from: Bournemouth

Reference No: 20-001369

Gerald Turner

Dorset Echo: Gerald TurnerGerald Turner

Age at disappearance: 67

Missing Since: March 4, 2018

Missing from: Church Hill, Swanage

Reference No: 18-001984

Hung Van Vo

Dorset Echo: Hung Van VoHung Van Vo

Age at disappearance: 22

Missing Since: March 21, 2018

Missing from: Bournemouth

Reference No: 18-004604

Mark Keadell

Dorset Echo: Mark KeadellMark Keadell

Age at disappearance: 50

Missing Since: December 19, 2018

Missing from: Poole

Reference No: 19-001797

Sarah Fenton

Dorset Echo: Sarah FentonSarah Fenton

Age at disappearance: 39

Missing Since: April 1, 2012

Missing from: Poole

Reference No: 14-002438

Neil Dryden

Dorset Echo: Neil DrydenNeil Dryden

Age at disappearance: 25

Missing Since: April 23, 1985

Missing from: Swanage

Reference No: 93-000580

Sean Durkin

Dorset Echo: Sean DurkinSean Durkin

Age at disappearance: 39

Missing Since: March 31, 1993

Missing from: Bradstock

Reference No: 93-000183