I have not been to Weymouth for a few years but for the past few days have been staying locally which has given me an opportunity to have a real look round rather than just the fleeting glimpses of a day trip.

I was very disappointed to say the least to see that work was already underway to truncate and indeed eradicate the railway line through the docks area which has always been a unique feature of the local landscape and a very important part of the town’s history.

OK, the line has not been used for many years and was highly unlikely to be have ever been used again on a regular basis, but it is part and parcel of Weymouth and as a very short line it surely could have been kept intact and brought to life a few days a year as part of celebrations in the town as well as being potentially a fantastic additional tourist attraction.

Once gone it will never return, will it? What a missed opportunity to secure a unique part of Weymouth’s history!

Why is it that so called progress, which will no doubt increase traffic in Weymouth even more, is seen as far more important than retaining an important bit of its past.


Tatworth, Chard, Somerset