WHO said work had to be a chore?

Home workers are being given the chance to use the facilities of a family-run Dorset brewery to work - with complimentary unlimited coffee and after-work pint thrown in for good measure.

Thousands of workers have swapped the office for their dining room tables due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But Hall and Woodhouse - an independent brewer based in Blandford Forum - has re-jigged its Brewery Tap visitor centre to accommodate a hot desking service for home workers in the community who need a change of scenery.

Since launching the hot-desking opportunity earlier this month, H&W - famous for its Badger Beers and Forum Lager - have already had more than 20 bookings and have received great feedback from local people who have made use of the unique space.

And it's no wonder, seeing as the £7-a-day package deal includes free Wi-Fi connection, unlimited coffee and a lovely Badger Beer to cap off the end of a hard day's work.

William Thornton, general manager of the Brewery Tap at Hall & Woodhouse said: “The idea to open the Brewery Tap up for hot desking was generated when we were thinking about how we could support the local community through what is set to be a challenging winter.

“People are getting tired of working from home and with colder, shorter days, working and living inside the same four walls can lead to people suffering mentally and finding it hard to commit to a work life balance.

“We have a huge space, which lends itself to people having access to a safe place to work productively, outside of their home. Coupled with that they can have the best coffee around and finish the day with a delicious Badger Beer.”

The hot desking area has been carefully arranged so that all people using the service can safely socially distance themselves from each other.

Hot desk space is available for £7 a day, Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm.

For more information about H&W's hot desk service, please call 01258 486004, visit the Facebook page www.facebook.com/BreweryTapHW or head to the website www.hall-woodhouse.co.uk/pub/brewery-tap/