A CAR registered in Qatar was seized by police after racking up 41 speeding offences in Dorset.

The car was stopped by Dorset Police No Excuse officers.

A spokesman for the team said: "This Qatar-registered BMW M5 has 41 recent speeding offences outstanding in Dorset.

"One of those was recorded by a camera at 76mph in a thirty zone.

"We were proactively looking for it today, when we witnessed it being driven along Durley Gardens Bournemouth.

"Due to this vehicle not being registered in the UK we were unsure where the owner lived, until today.

"The driver couldn't produce a licence or insurance. The vehicle's exhaust has been tampered with, making it very loud.

"The tints on the front windows are excessive.

"The vehicle has been in the country longer than six month so it should have been registered with the DVLA by now and displaying UK plates.

"The vehicle was seized, the vehicle examiners have been booked and the investigation into the outstanding speeding offences is ongoing.

"DVLA will also be informed so they can investigate the tax offences etc. The driver has been reported to court. No Excuse."