A POPULAR Weymouth restaurant has been recognised for serving up some of the best burgers in the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.

Dorset Burger Company, on King Street, was named in a list of the top 30 burger joints by StagWeb in their latest annual rundown.

The eateries included were chosen based on a variety of factors including the burgers themselves, range on offer, venue, value for money and the experience in general.

Here’s what StagWeb said about the Dorset Burger Company: "This independent burger joint in Weymouth has established itself as one of the best on the south coast and now we reckon they’re ready to take the country by storm.

"Their many, many, many rave reviews speak volumes of their work and their talents seemingly know no bounds.

"They locally source all their products, too, which elevate them even higher in our estimations."

Emma Cogan, who is joint owner of the Weymouth eatery with Ross Kay, said: "We are really pleased, we got an email through and it sounds to me like they have gone around and tried loads of different burger places out. It's great to be chosen as one of the best.

"We are really pleased, it's a nice bit of news to start a rainy Friday morning."

The restaurant reopened on May 14 after being forced to close during the nationwide lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Emma said the news was a pick-me-up for her and her staff after a tough year: "It's been a difficult summer and it's going to be a difficult winter as well so it's really nice for myself and my business partner Ross and all the whole team of staff to be recognised like this. It's a nice surprise to have and to have a bit of recognition."

A spokesperson for StagWeb said: "Bodacious, boisterous and a little bit bonkers, these burger joints have flipped the grilled patty game on its head with their sublime, spectacular, saliva-inducing creations.

"From charred to smoked, sizzled to spicy, meaty, meat-free to ‘meet you there in ten?’, you’ll find the best burgers near you with the help of our hefty rundown."

To see the list of the best burger joints in the categories of: South East & London, South West, Midlands, North, Scotland and Wales, head to www.stagweb.co.uk/blog/2020/10/the-uks-top-30-badass-burger-joints-2020/2/