A MEMORIAL plaque in honour of Harry Dunn, a 19-year-old killed in a crash in 2019, has gone missing from Portland.

Harry's parents scattered his ashes on Portland - his favourite place - earlier this year and installed the plaque on the face of a rock as a memorial to their son.

The teenager's death has been the subject of an international controversy as he was hit by a car driven by Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a CIA operative, who fled the country after the tragedy while claiming diplomatic immunity.

Yesterday, Harry's dad, Tim, and twin brother, Niall, went to Portland to visit the plaque, which a friend of the family had spent three months painting and varnishing, and were shocked to find it was missing.

Mr Dunn fears it has been stolen. He said: "We walked to the spot where the plaque should have been and when we got to the spot we realised it wasn't there.

"Our first thought was that it has come off the rock and been washed away but it was stuck on with strong adhesive.

"We feel very upset and angry that somebody would feel that they wanted to do something like that. It wasn't hurting anybody just being there."

Harry's mother, Charlotte Charles, visited Portland earlier this month and the plaque was still in place.

Mr Dunn said the family want it back so they can take it back home to Charlton and keep it safe.

He added: "The plaque holds such sentimental value to us.

"Portland was Harry's favourite place and we would have loved for the plaque to have been left where his ashes were scattered.

"We just want it back."

Portland Mayor, Sandy West, has sent her condolences to Harry's family. She said: "This is a truly heartbreaking thing to happen.

"It is awful for any plaque to go missing but it is especially devastating under the circumstances for Harry's family.

"I know how precious these things are to families who should have somewhere that they can go to grieve so I am hopeful the plaque will turn up soon."