Having spent half my working life in the insurance industry, and witnessed at first hand the life changing trauma that being injured or maimed by a uninsured driver can bring, your article ‘£27,000 car seized’ (Echo October 23) raises the fact that until the penalty for driving uninsured becomes a serious deterrent it will continue.

Confiscating the vehicle is a first step.

If this was backed by a lengthy ban and hefty fine, say 10 times the Insurance premium, then the one million uninsured drivers, who cause, every year around 136 deaths and 26,000 injuries, might consider that driving uninsured is too big a gamble.

How many law abiding drivers reading this are aware that about £30 of their annual premium goes to the Motor Insurance Bureau?

An organisation whose aim is to compensate people involved in accidents with uninsured, or untraceable, drivers.


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