Mr Drax’s spirited defence of free speech in his opinion piece in the Dorset Echo of Friday 23 October 2020 would be laudable if only he had been more discerning in the example of the purported suppression of free speech chosen by him.

He objected to the removal of New York Post allegations that Hunter Biden, the son of the Democratic presidential candidate, had some years ago engaged in corrupt practices.

If he had done even minimal research, he would have ascertained that those reports were no more than “fake news”

– and that even certain reporters on the New York Post itself refused to have anything to do with the story, largely because it was widely acknowledged to lack credibility and to have been a malevolent creation of the black propaganda units of the Russian security services (FSB/SVR).

Thus, although claiming to be defending free speech, Mr Drax is objecting to the removal of “fake news”.

It should be remembered that the New York Post is a tabloid of dubious veracity, which specialises in headlines such as “Headless Body in Topless Bar” and “Newly Discovered Planet Could Destroy Earth Any Day Now”. These headlines rival the famous declaration “Freddy Starr Ate My Hamster” which appeared in The Sun.

Mr Drax’s opinion piece purports to be unbiased, but a reading of it as a whole shows that he clearly wants Mr Trump to win.

Needless to say, a win by Biden in the presidential election would not be looked upon favourably by the Conservative party, whereas a win by Trump would – probably, among other things, because of the uncomfortably large number of parallels between Republican party policy and UK Conservative party policy and the fact that the leaders of the two parties seem to have a lot in common.

In the same edition of the Dorset Echo, Mr Drax openly admits that he voted against the plea made by Marcus Rashford and supported by many others that school meals should be provided free in the holiday period for disadvantaged children.

I hope Mr Drax can find a way to sleep easily.


Linden Avenue, Dorchester