A MEMORIAL plaque in honour of Harry Dunn, a 19-year-old killed in a crash in 2019, has been found after going missing on Portland - to the delight of the teenager's family.

As reported, Harry's family went to Portland to visit the plaque on Sunday, which a friend of the family had spent three months painting and varnishing - and were shocked to find it was missing.

The teenager's death has been the subject of an international controversy as he was hit by a car driven by Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a CIA operative, who fled the country after the tragedy while claiming diplomatic immunity.

Harry's parents scattered his ashes at Portland Bill - his favourite place - earlier this year and installed the plaque at Pulpit Rock as a memorial to their son.

But a lucky chain of events led to the plaque being recovered after a resident who read the article contacted the Echo to say it had been found on rocks near to the original site.

Harry's dad Tim Dunn was back home at Brackley, Northamptonshire, when the call came in - but fortunately his wife Tracey was still in Weymouth with daughter Larna and granddaughter Lola.

Mr Dunn said: "They had just been to Monkey World when I rang and said it the plaque had turned up. They went straight up to Portland Bill and my granddaughter, aged six, found it on top of a rock.

"It was away from where we'd put it at Pulpit Rock, it was on top of another rock and had been turned upside down. Just by luck, Lola turned it over and that's where it was.

"We're buzzing as we didn't think we'd ever see it again. For it to come back is incredible. Perhaps somebody moved it and then saw the Echo story and put it back, as it was firmly stuck down before."

The family will take the plaque back home with them when they leave Weymouth and decide what to do with it in future.

"We will try and find another way of fixing it so there's no chance of it happening again," Mr Dunn said. "It's a nice feeling that it's come back.

"We visited Portland for the sole purpose of going to the Bill to see the plaque - if we hadn't have done so we would never have known it went missing - so we'd like to thank the Echo for starting the ball rolling by speaking to the mayor, otherwise it might never have been found."