With regard to your story concerning the bad parking on Seven Acres Road it is worth pointing out that I raised this issue with Councillor Ferrari over two years ago.

He visited the street and said he would look into the problem.

Some time later he returned and explained that the council had been in touch with the bus company who said there wasn’t a problem, a statement I remember finding hard to believe.

He explained how difficult it was to get new yellow lines installed but said a “thick white line” may be possible although this has no legal standing.

The majority of the parking problems do not involve local residents' cars as the majority of houses have off-road parking, the majority of the problems is caused by people using the shops on Preston Road.

This problem needs sorting out sooner rather than later as to have a double decker bus idling outside your window with the associated diesel fumes is unhealthy and becoming a blight on the local houses.