Naturally, most of the reports we see today are COVID related but therein is a danger that we lose sight of other issues that are urgent and a measure of the progress we are making to create a more compassionate and caring society.

For example, the issue of Adult Social Care.

What has happened since our Prime Minister made these remarks in the summer of 2019: ‘So I am announcing now on the steps of Downing Street that we will fix the crises in social care once and for all, with a clear plan we have prepared to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve.’

Then on the 19th December 2019 he said: ‘I have a plan to deal with adult social care”. Followed by this at Prime Minster's questions on the 15th January 2020: ‘This government has a fantastic plan for social care’. One might ask where is that plan.

I have highlighted adult social care, I could equally have highlighted with examples, children’s social care, child poverty, (see Dorset Echo reports 23rd May 2019), and last but but by no means least that real Cinderella, mental health services.

The point is these issues were requiring urgent action prior to COVID 19.

They have a greater urgency now.

How we treat the most vulnerable in our society is the real measure by which we can judge our progress towards that compassionate and caring society that all Governments proclaim that they seek to achieve.

This, however, requires action rather than words on the steps of Downing Street or at PMQs in Parliament.