The mysterious brothel murder of Thomas Lloyd Morgan went unsolved for more than 50 years, until his killer confessed on her death bed. 

On a grisly April night in Weymouth a fight broke out in a house of ill-repute just off the High Street near Boot Lane in 1792. 

Entangled in a brutal fight there seemed to be no stopping the two men fighting in the establishment. 

Seeing no other way to break up the brawl, sex-worker Priscilla Guppy decided to hit one of the men over the head several times with an iron. 

The weapon crushed the man's skull and he fell to the floor and died. 

Shocked, repentant and scared for her already bleak life Priscilla was helped by two men to wrap the body in a sheet and dump it beside the Harbour Bridge. 

The next morning 22-year-old Thomas’s injured body was found dumped on the Melcombe Regis side of the harbour, tightly wrapped in a linen sheet.

His gruesome remains were discovered by a passing workman, who in the early morning fog spotted a motionless shape on the harbour side.

After approaching the bloodied sheet the workman was shocked by what he found and reported the body to the police. 

As the sun slowly rose, the early morning light revealed a trail of blood which led the authorities straight to the scene of the crime. 

Everyone inside the property was arrested and questioned, including Priscilla and her two male accomplices. 

Despite the strong evidence from the blood trail, all of the suspects had strong alibis that added up, meaning no one was charged with the murder of Thomas. 

Dorset Echo:

Thomas Lloyd Morgan was murdered in Weymouth in April 1792.

He was buried in the local churchyard with the words: “Here mingling with my fellow clay, I wait the awful judgment day and there my murderer shall appear, although escaped from justice here" inscribed on his tombstone. 

However in 1857, more than 50 years after Thomas' murder, Priscilla's life was coming to an end. 

As she laid on her death bed in the Union Workhouse she confessed to the crime she had kept secret for most of her life. 

The window from where she lay overlooked the old Harbour Bridge where she had once dumped Thomas' body. 

A few hours after her confession Priscilla passed away, escaping trial again.