ANTI pollution campaigners held a protest over the proposed Portland waste incinerator.

The ‘People Against Pollution’ group staged a small protest at South Street in Bridport - where one of Powerfuel’s directors, Giles Frampton, has an office.

One protester, Annie Webster, said: “We are asking him not to bring any more pollution to Dorset and the world. Research tells us that ‘scrubbers and filters’ cannot stop all the dangerous gases being released into the air, nor prevent ‘fine particulate matter’ escaping which, when inhaled goes straight into the blood stream.

“We hear this week that all these poisons are linked to a range of illnesses, especially depression.”

Dorset Echo:

Protester Steve Phillips aid: “Powerfuel Portland tell us how awful it is that the UK has to export lots of waste abroad for burning, but they omit to tell us that big incinerators in Scandinavia and Germany struggle to get enough rubbish for their large plants, so have to seduce UK providers with cheap gate fees.

“We hear that UK incinerators struggle too.” So, where will all the trash eventually come from, and how safe and monitored will it be?”

Dorset Echo:

People Against Pollution said: “We are moving to a world which is designing waste out of production, while people are demanding products which produce less waste.

“We want Powerfuel to get out of this dirty business and get into clean wind. Create high tech jobs for our local economy and use the safest resource around us that doesn’t pollute the air we breathe for the next 25/30 years.”