The husband of Claire Parry, a woman who was killed by former Dorset Police officer Timothy Brehmer, has spoken out over the "incredibly disappointing" verdict.

Timothy Brehmer, 41, of Hordle, New Forest, was yesterday acquitted of murdering Mrs Parry at the Horns Inn pub car park on May 9, but admitted manslaughter.

He was sentenced to ten years and six months for the manslaughter of nurse Mrs Parry, whom he’d been having an affair with for 11 years.

Now Andrew Parry Claire's husband, has spoken out following the verdict.

He said: “I am incredibly disappointed at the verdict of this trial. I believe Brehmer’s account of that day to be inconsistent and untruthful.

“As the murder trial heard, he conducted a factory reset on his mobile telephone which has hindered the police investigation and leaves us with an incomplete picture of events on that day.

“I feel we will never truly know exactly what happened.

“What we do know is that Brehmer used such force against Claire that she suffered fractures to her neck, lost consciousness, went into cardiac arrest and eventually died.

“Having used that amount of force, he has failed to render any assistance to her which could have saved her life. As a trained police officer, he would have had the ability to do this.

“Instead, he chose to tell lies from the moment he was discovered by witnesses, stating that Claire had stabbed him. He has since admitted that this was a lie and that he inflicted those injuries on himself. This lie led to a delay in Claire receiving what could have been lifesaving treatment, a fact that remains incredibly distressing.

“Brehmer is a well-practised liar with years of experience. He has shown himself – as the trial exposed - to be consistently dishonest, deceitful and devious. We do not accept his version of events and all the inconsistencies that it contains.”

Andrew added: “I would like to thank all the First Responders, Police and Crown Prosecution Service staff involved in the case. I would also like to thank the Judge for his consideration during sentencing. I am aware that it has been very difficult for everyone involved in dealing with an incident that is so close to home.

“Claire was a caring nurse practitioner who helped many people in a career of over 20 years. She was a loving family member and a doting mother who leaves behind two young children.

“Her energy and enthusiasm for life were infectious and our lives are poorer without her in them.

“This trial has been a horrendous ordeal for all of Claire’s family and friends. We ask that our privacy is respected while we try to rebuild our lives.”