Our country is becoming more aware of the dangers of micro particles (whether in our oceans, our atmosphere or foodchains) that amount to avoidable pollution when produced by unnecessary incineration.

The existing UK incineration capability can be expected to comfortably cope with future relevant needs as more and more of our reducing waste is recycled or composted.

In view of the above it is surprising that Dorset County Planning needs to know how many of us object to the proposed construction of an entirely new/superfluous incinerator (probably requiring importation of non-UK waste) at Portland.

The potential damage (to the island, to the countryside down-wind [obviously an uncontrollable variable!], to the highly prized ‘hot-spots’ of biodiversity and to the health and well-being of residents) caused by micro-particles not only warrant avoidance but also will deter visitors .... but our elected representatives apparently need wider confirmation of our views about an avoidable hazard likely to affect our future adversely in many ways.

Like so many others, it is hoped your readers will do what is necessary during the next week.


Broadstone, Dorset