I feel driven to write about the unbelievable changes to car parking timings in Dorchester and West Dorset.

This is a direct attack on people living in the town, who will now have to pay to park near their houses after work.

It’s also now affecting people travelling to the town to shop or dine out as well as the businesses in the town.

I live in Charlton Down and the only realistic way to get to Dorchester is by car.

The bus service is risible and walking on national speed limit roads is unsafe.

This council has a shortfall in funds so is taking the easy option in raising money where there is no alternative.

This is destroying the retail in the town with shops seeming to close every week.

There is talk about the resident parking scheme being extended also.

In principle I think this is a positive move; so why not push this forward concurrently?

In the county in general there is no effective public transport system. For someone living in Dorchester, travelling to Bridport for work as an example, private vehicles are the only choice.

Why not provide a ‘commuter’ bus service (rather than the ‘tourist route’ buses) to link up towns, linking Blandford, Dorchester, Bridport etc?


Charlton Down