I agree with Richard Drax’s desire for a free and fair US election (Column 23 Oct).

Where we differ is our views on where the threat to American democracy comes from.

As a loyal Trump supporter, in this era of misinformation and “fake news”, Mr Drax chooses to peddle an unsubstantiated and widely debunked conspiracy theory about Joe Biden’s son Hunter, whilst ignoring the many indictments of former members of the Trump entourage, and the mountain of evidence of corruption from the president himself.

It’s a sad fact that the world of politics (both sides of the Atlantic) attracts a disproportionate number of the rich and privileged.

I’m sure a few of these are gifted and accomplished individuals who enter the eternal sea for purely altruistic reasons, but unfortunately some are relatively talentless stock having inherited their vast fortunes, seeking to promote their own agendas and feather the nests of themselves and their cronies.

It’s also sad that the US cannot come up with a better pair of main protagonists for the most powerful job in the world.

I have no idea if Joe Biden really does have any skeletons in his cupboard, though the chances are that at least some of his entourage have engaged in at least some dodgy dealings.

However, if Richard Drax really believes that the threat to US democracy comes mainly from the Biden side, he is utterly deluded.

I believe the vast majority of people with a modicum of intelligence and social conscience desperately hope that Trump, and the lies and corrosive, divisive, populism that he represents, will be decisively ejected from office, and hope for the future of the world can start to regain a foothold.