We hope you enjoy these pictures of Dorset from the 1940s and 1950s as we've been.

Abbotsbury, Milton Abbas,  Burton Bradstock and Charmouth can all be seen from above in these stunning views.

The images were taken post-Second World War.

Our coastal view of Charmouth in 1953 shows many people enjoying bathing in the sea and what looks like a caravan park in the background.

Dorset Echo:

Charmouth, 1953

Dorset Echo:

Charmouth, 1955

Our 1950 image of Corfe Castle, the only picture here taken from the ground, is a bucolic scene of village life with the iconic castle looking as spectacular as ever.

Dorset Echo:

Corfe Castle, 1950

As for the stunning 1947 picture of Milton Abbas, you can clearly see the wooded valley the village was built in and the church spire towering above everything else.

Dorset Echo:

Milton Abbas, 1947

Recognisable among the rooftops in our 1955 image of Bridport is the Town Hall and the open space of Bucky Doo Square just in front of it.

Dorset Echo:

Bridport, 1955

See if you can spot the town hall and Bucky Doo Square just in front

Dorset Echo: Abbotsbury, 1952

Dorset Echo:

Burton Bradstock, 1955