I do applaud Litter Free Dorset’s campaign re dog deposits and Martin Lea’s informative piece about it in Tuesday’s Echo.

However, while it may be permissible to place bagged droppings in public waste bins, I haven’t liked receiving such in my domestic bins.

A few months ago, my neighbours and I found them more than once, presumably dropped therein soon after the waste collectors had emptied them. The first time it happened, the bag was not even closed and the resulting stink advertised its presence very strongly.

Thankfully, it’s not happened recently.

On a much happier note, thank you so very much for the constant delight of the ‘Camera Club’ pictures and fascination in the ‘Looking Back’ and ‘Nostalgia’ series.

Since writing the above, I’ve seen today’s tribute to the four young service-men lost in war; it really puts my opening moan into humbling perspective, doesn’t it?