I have to be honest I’ve not really followed the debate or concerns raised by locals about the planned incinerator on Portland but I would agree with them that importing millions of tonnes of waste by road should objected too.

In fact, Dorset Council should reject the application purely on this basis as they failed to support/build a relief road around Wyke However, rather than object - can we not insist that all waste is delivered by sea from other ports than Portland.

Moving waste by sea would spread the transport load to our nearby ports - this would increase costs for the developer but would help Portland, Wyke Regis and the poor people that live on Boot Hill plus increase the number of local job opportunities.

Other than that incineration is a good method of energy recovery and disposal of waste.

Complaints about exhaust fumes are unfounded. The Environment Agency would insist on the highest levels of fume scrubbing and waste controls.

I’ve not been able to locate any complaints about the massive sewage treatment plant underground at Wyke or the medical waste incinerator right in the heart of Bournemouth.

I live on the Nothe and I’m far more likely to be affected by the plume than residents of Portland.

The incinerator will provide some quality, long term jobs even though the numbers employed may be exaggerated by the developer. Portlanders could also benefit by insisting in a share of the profit by way of reduced energy tariff.

So, I say, support the proposal but only if waste is delivered by sea from Weymouth, Poole or West Bay.