On reading hospital planning for a patient surge, it was interesting reading “patients should attend appointment as normal”.

Just try getting an appointment.

I received a letter dated October 9, to make an appointment, I telephoned with access code to be met with “0” if you still want an appointment I’ll put you on the waiting list.

I received another letter dated October 14 saying a referral had been received and I have been added to the waiting list for an appointment.

On November 3, I rang the department to be told no appointments would be given for 13 weeks, so depending on where one is on the list you could carry on waiting.

If I’d like to pay privately I would be seen quite quickly (I know this because I have done it) so what is happening within the NHS?

Still, on thinking back to 1930s and 1940s people were dying of TB, there was no NHS and a war was going on.

I suppose I’m lucky.

Sorry, I just needed to let off steam.

I think life is going backwards.